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LaScalla™ is a non-herbal, proprietary blend of flower healing essences or healing codes, permanently embedded in 100% pure organic cane sugar pellets. These pellets deliver high vibrational frequencies to you, quickly restoring your mental and emotional balance by disbaning stubborn fears, depression, and anxieties. LaScalla also provides EMF protection. LaScalla™ returns you to your original true self.

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LaScalla Provides protection against Electro Magnetic Fields.

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Try LaScalla and see how quickly it restores mental and emotional balance for you.

LaScalla helps you return to your original true self, without all of the various discordant mental and emotional behavioral patterns interfering with you.

Try LaScalla and see how quickly it restores mental and emotional balance for you.


I gave my husband the LaScalla vibrational medicine and the effects are visible. He is recovering from multiple surgeries and unfortunately became highly anxious afterwards. After taking LaScalla for a few weeks I definitely noticed a calmness as well as a reduction in his level of anxiety. Thank you for being so supportive.


LaScalla had a very subtle calming effect on me the first day. Throughout the week as I continued taking LaScalla supplements I could feel a gentle wave of calm energy stay with me no matter how stressful my day was. It didn't take away my challenges of the day but I found I was able to not react as I normally would to certain situations. I felt like I could see the issues around me with better clarity. I love the gentle calming effects from LaScalla that lasts with me the whole day. It is now part of my daily routine! I feel like it gives me an extra boost to deal with whatever the day holds for me, with a feeling of peace and a clearer head space. I would absolutely recommend LaScalla to anyone and everyone!! It has enhanced how I handle my time and energy so I can do more of the things I love. Thank you LaScalla.


When I first started taking LaScalla, I had my doubts. During 2021 of the pandemic I started to feel lower than ever in my life. Sometimes I wanted my life to end as I came to the belief I may never feel joy again. After about a week on LaScalla I began to notice something inside me open up. I truly felt my inner joy re- emerge out of nowhere. I was surprised to feel the lightness of life again. LaScalla offers me support in those times that are very stressful and depressing. I actually now look forward to taking LaScalla daily.


LaScalla is a 5 star remedy for me. I developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from growing up in a civil war zone as a child and experiencing traumatic violent events. The trauma impacted my life every day. I found it difficult to be calm, and very often had nightmares. Since taking LaScalla, I feel much more calm, and have no more nightmares. My PTSD has not been triggered anymore. I would absolutely recommend this remedy to everyone.


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What exactly is LaScalla?

It’s a safe, non-herbal, proprietary blend of flower healing essences or healing codes, permanently embedded in 100% pure organic cane sugar pellets. It does not contain any flower particles, taste, or scent.

What is the difference between flower essences and homeopathy?

Flower essences do not work according to the “Law of Similars,” which is the main operating principle in homeopathy. With homeopathy, substances are chosen to produce symptoms that match the condition of the client.

On the other hand, flower essences work by introducing positive archetypes that stimulate conscious choices and self-awareness. Therefore, the method for choosing flower essences and the therapeutic goals and outcome are directed toward the soul life of the client.

LaScalla comes in an amber bottle consisting of 240 round, pure organic cane sugar pellets (unless otherwise noted). One bottle will last the average person two months, at four pellets one time per day.

How do I take this product?

Remove the safety seal on the bottle, unscrew the cap off, and tap four pellets into the open cap. Try not to touch the pellets with your hands (especially if dispensing pellets for another person). Transfer the pellets directly to your mouth, placing them under your tongue. Allow them to dissolve completely, while under your tongue. Place the cap back on the bottle and close tightly. 

Always wait about 20-30 minutes before or after eating, drinking, smoking, or brushing your teeth to take LaScalla.

What effects does LaScalla have when I take it?

It’s balancing the subtle electrical fields that surround each of your cells, bringing them into balance or into a homeostatic state.

As such, you’ll begin to feel more balanced, focused, sincere, confident, and genuine. LaScalla helps return you to your original true self, without all of the various aberrant mental and emotional behavioural patterns interfering with you.

This is why you feel more confident. It helps to put your body and mind at ease–into harmonic balance.

What makes a flower essence so effective?

Each flower essence contains its own unique “intelligence,” vibration, healing energy code, and therapeutic properties.

When you ingest these healing energy codes or vital essences contained in the flowers we use in this formula, a deep healing occurs in the body. The body releases and processes unhealthy thought patterns that are held deep within the psyche, emotions and physical body of the person taking the remedy.

Just to clarify, flower essences are NOT essential oils, nor are they associated with aromatherapy. Unlike essential oils, herbal tinctures, and other supplements, flower essences work within the energy system of the body, similar in ways to acupuncture… but different.

Rather than infusing spring water with parts of the flower, we use another system. We extract the entire energetic energy pattern from the whole flower itself, and embed the “healing blueprint” into pure organic cane sugar pellets.

What are EMFs?

Electromagnetic Fields, EMFs, are the invisible energy waves which are streamed out of any devices or appliances which use electricity (e.g. wi-fi routers, cell-phones, computers, cell towers, microwaves and other appliances). 

Generally, how do you products work, or more to the point: what makes them work?

All substances, including flowers, vibrate at certain specific frequencies. These frequencies contain a fundamental essence often referred to as the “energetic signature,” “magnetic code,” or the “vibration” of the original substance.

With the right technology, these energetic signatures can be transferred or imprinted into cane sugar pellets using magnetic energy. That is, we pass a magnetic field through a waveguide, created from the original substance, and then transfer that into cane sugar pellets.

The pellets absorb the magnetic field, leaving behind a detectable magnetic field called “remanence.” When a person ingests these pellets, the energetic signatures of the flowers are conveyed to the person, imparting a positive healing effect on their physical, mental, as well as energy bodies. How so?

The right energetic signature can harmonize discordant invisible energy fields down to a sub-cellular level. What makes this possible is that what’s being transferred to the person is the actual healing qualities or essence of that flower.

In other words, all flowers are completely infused with a certain healing energy pattern, also known as “essence” or “primal genetic code.” Many people believe that it’s not the actual gross substance (i.e.: herb, gemstone, or flower) that is actually healing or harmonizing a person, rather it’s the energetic signature or frequency of the substance that is having the harmonizing and healing effect.

The human body naturally has a coherent energy field surrounding it. Disease is simply the manifestation of a discordant energy field. Our products serve to balance out that discordant field, thus harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit of that person.

How does Scalar Wave technology enhance the effects of your products?

Scalar Wave energy is embedded in our LaScalla formula. Thus, when you ingest the product, this special energy help keep the electrical charge across cell membranes at an optimal level. How do they do that?

They do that by making it easier for nutrients to enter the cells and for waste products to move out of the cells, thereby enhancing the functioning of trillions of cells. Over time, the energy level of one’s cells, tissues, and organs are raised, promoting optimum health and vitality.