Our Story

Bernard Verkaaik is the owner and CEO of The Greater Goods Canada. As a leading innovator in the domestic and international food-startup industry for the past 20 years, Bernard's main goal is to help individuals and companies launch and grow their food-related businesses.

Bernard also enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge with others on how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. One day, Bernard received a call from an individual whose company wanted to make their vibrational flower remedy more accessible to people, world-wide. When Bernard asked about the unique benefits that this flower remedy held for people, he was told: "We created the only remedy in the world that completely (and permanently) restores a person's mental-emotional health and well-being. We accomplish this by 'overwriting' the traumatic memories or negative 'programs' found in a person's unconscious… thus enabling them to be free from their past mental-emotional programming or conditioning." Bernard was immediately intrigued and ordered a sample case of the remedy. After trying the product and experiencing the benefits himself, he eagerly shared the remedy with his friends, colleagues, and even his own mother who had been suffering from acute, long-term anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Witnessing the miraculous transformations that LaScalla had made in the people he gave it to, Bernard made it his mission to share the remedy with as many people as possible.

When Bernard is not busy helping clients achieve their desired success in the food-startup industry, you can find him practicing meditation and Qi Gong at local parks in the picturesque city of Collingwood, Ontario.

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