About LaScalla™

LaScalla is a safe, non-herbal, 100% natural product consisting of a proprietary blend of nano-sized flower essences permanently embedded in pure organic cane sugar pellets. Flower essences offer a surprisingly broad array of health benefits, many of which can help us recognize, resolve, or release our different conditioned responses in times of crises, chaos, and uncertainty. 

LaScalla works by laying down a new harmonic blueprint directly over our unconscious minds, thus balancing (or canceling out) the aberrant mental and emotional thought patterns that already exist there from the past.

LaScalla effectively “dissolves” or overwrites these traumatic memories, enabling a person to live life not being overwhelmed by fear, panic, or anxious feelings, negative self-talk, low self-esteem, lack of self-worth, and lack of self-confidence—thus efficaciously restoring their mental and emotional balance.

Try LaScalla today and see for yourself what it feels like to not be overwhelmed by outside stressors in the same way anymore. Take control of how you think and feel in any and all crises—no matter how severe—by discovering the miracle of LaScalla! 

LaScalla vibrationally tones us to Health and Harmony. 

That’s where LaScalla come in!  It’s time to finally take back control of your life! 

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